The Large Pikler Arch

So why am I always talking about the Large Pikler Arch?

The Montessori Shelf- A Three Part Series

Part 1: The Montessori Shelf. Why I love it & you will too.  The Montessori approach itself is a method of education that is based on […]

Benefits of a Learning Tower!

Pikler Junior Package Sliding

Open ended play promotes independence and creativity in your child.

Open-ended play begins in very early childhood when children use objects to learn aboutthe world around them with no guidance or prescription by adults. It offers […]

What ages are Piklers suitable for?

✨What ages are Piklers suitable for?.– Piklers can be introduced at around 6 months old and can generally be expected to be used until around age […]
Junior Explorer package Fox Wood Co

What is a Pikler and why should I get one?

19th July 2020 ✨What is a Pikler and why should I get one? – The Pikler triangle is a climbing structure that children learn to navigate […]